Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Two for the price of one

Firstly I would like to apologize for taking so long to blog about the journals I have worked in, so many technical difficulties.

                But moving forward

Sharon's Journal

The background was made with blue, turquoise and aqua India ink around the sketch of the mermaid. I then finished the mermaid and the seahorses using inktense pencils, I added sparkly ink for her tail.Finally I collaged the fish and quote.

Roz's Journal
 I did a watercolour wash of the first silhoette.
I then worked out the placement of the second silhoette. I then darkened the first one with repeated washes. I used india ink for the second silhoette

I then did the background using indian ink, gesso and a Donna Downey stencil.

to finish it off I wrote a song lyric that inspired the whole page.
I enjoyed working in both journals, but not so much the blogging. Hopefully the next time I go to blog I wont have to deal with so many difficulties.

Monday, October 9, 2017

My entry in Wendy's "WORD" Journal

Well I completely forgot to do photos as I went along...sorry!!
I really had trouble deciding on a word so I just started by adding torn pieces of napkin to the page after doing a layer of gesso. I also had some scrap paper in there. Next I painted over everything with some pinkish paint and then added some gold on top of that.I used my fingers to add some texture with the gold paint. STILL NO WORD!!
Next I added the Buddha which came from a napkin and then the bird from another napkin. I did some outlining with a black pen. STILL NO WORD!! I added some stamping just to break up the gold. I had to add a flower beside the Buddha as there was a gap so I decided to add more flowers...they are all handmade by me. FINALLY DECIDED ON THE WORD and had "fun" getting it on the page. I then added the butterfly in the top corner and it is a butterfly that came all the way from Greece....TY Eleni!! The little butterflies are wooden and I coloured them with gel pens. Lastly I added the fibres around the outside.
Hope you like it Wendy.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Just Louise

Sometimes being in an art journal swap just flows. Life is smoothly cruising along and there is time to do all you need to do and the theme of the new journal inspires creative ideas. 

Other times life is filled with challenges, you can barely find your shoes let alone the time or motivation to do anything and journals arrive that just dont spark your creativity. 

However -
 Just getting going with colour and playing with your art materials can really lead you into inspired creative journalling. 

This last year has been an absolute doozie! I have been completely overwhelmed with major life challenges on every front.

And to top it all off
 I got diagnosed with official old peoples diseases and that was before I turned 50 this month. 

Consequently I can't do the fine drawing and pen work I love however I can still totally enjoy playing at art.

Annabelles theme is Just You
Well I am feeling the need to withdraw lately and focus on self care and family care.

Once I loosened up and started to play I really enjoyed the genuine art or heart journaling that absolutely is "just me" right now.

Sometimes its OK
To hide your beautiful colours away.

Sometimes its OK
To spread your wings and soar.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Joan's page in Pam's "Teesha Moore style" journal

Pam's journal is a lovely almost square journal made from good quality watercolour paper.  It already has some great pages done by Pam and the other artists participating in Round 3 of the circle/travelling journal event.

Pam has chosen the theme of "Teesha Moore Inspired".  When I first got it last month and I was talking to Lisa Jones, I flippantly said to her, that it was my worse nightmare to have to do a layout in this style.  Don't get me wrong, I like Teesha's art journal pages, and have since she first started using Zettiology in her art. It is just that it is not my "goto at anytime" style.   I read the information that Pam included on Zettiology and oohed and aahed over the layouts already in the journal, but I was still not feeling it.  Now I know I could have gone to Pinterest or the web and downloaded some digital sheets to do the layouts but in my mind that is cheating and taking the easy way out and besides I did not want to be unduly influenced by the the examples.

I started by going through magazines and pulling out pages with colourful backgrounds to be cut into strips to make the borders around the two and half pages. Pam's journal has flaps on every other page and the next blank page had the flap. I cut up about five different pages with some repeating colours.
Then I flipped through the magazines to find some interesting faces, legs, arms,and clothes that could be used for putting together some weird creatures. I also remembered I had some great wrapping paper that I have shared with a few of you in the group early in the year that had lots of doodling and colour and some animals, so I got the sheet and cut out some bits and pieces from there.

I still had no idea of what I was going to do, but I put some gesso, followed by dylusions paints in  various colours down on the page.  It was a mistake putting different colours, I should have used only one colour on each page, but I did not realise this till after I had started to collage and by then it was too late to change it. I then stenciled using stencils from Mike Deakin and Tim Hotze and white and gold paint. Anyway now as forecasted the nightmare began.  I must have had about twenty bodies and heads and loose limbs on the table by now and (A) I still had no idea how to begin, and (B) I constantly kept losing the cutout I was looking for on my crowded untidy table and everytime I could not find a piece, I had to turn it upside down even further.  After two hours I had managed to stick a border using the pieces around two sides of all the pages.  Did I like it, was I happy with it?
No, but it was a start.  Five days and nights later, after changing my mind a few times, I actually ended up with most of the pages done.  Now came the second part of the nightmare, I hate my writing and I had to actually write on the pages.  For this I apologise to Pam in advance.  I should have just left the pages with no phrases it would have been better. Unfortunately once I wrote with a black posca pen, it was too late to change it.  I tried going over it a few times with alternating between white and black paint, but I just made it considerable worse, so again I am sorry for the terrible job Pam.  You can always paint over the top when you get it home.  Anyway I managed to invoke my inner Teesha Moore, but maybe it would have been better if she stayed hidden. LOL.

Simply Being Me in Annabelle's Journal

It was my turn to Be You (Me) in Annabelle's Round 5 Journal.  I usually approach my art projects with a K.I.S.S. attitude, plus my time was a little limited this month.  Nature is one of my biggest inspirations so of course there would be color, leaves, flowers and butterflies.  Collage, Stencils, Stamps and my favourite color mediums made the mix too.

I started by printing out a butterfly collage sheet and adding some base color to the journal pages using my Pan Pastels.

Next some randomly chosen Stencils from The Crafter's Workshop and more Pan Pastels.

Dylusion Stamps were used to add some leaves and a border to the pages.  Once more Pan Pastels were used to add some Color.  Once finished playing with the Pan Pastels I sprayed with a Fixative/Sealant.

Next I stuck down some butterflies to the middle of my journal spread.

Still wanting more color I turned to some Paper Artsy Flower Stamps and my Distress Oxide Inks bring in more elements of nature and I used a Posca Paint Pen to add a touch of color to my stamped border and finishing with a few more butterflies and a Quote from Tim Holtz.

Annabelle's Journal will hit the post and head South on to it's next contributor Louise tomorrow!

Danie xx

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Lisa's Homage to Art.

As usual when a new journal arrives my first reaction is one of terror as in What on Earth can I contribute that will enhance this beautiful Art Journal that I have received.  This was no different as my art education is very limited to what I learned at school and that was a very long time ago.

I had encountered an artist in a previous journal round who inspired me.  Her name is Bebe Butler.  There was an artist profile on her in an Art Journaling magazine I read and so I decided to try her style.  I also admired Traci Bunkers and used some of her tips for building a background. Acrylic paint, stencils and reverse stencil work.

Step 2 was to collage a face from book text and add neck and shoulders.

Next I drew the face and added her jewellery.

Some more stencil work and a quote And I was finished.

Close ups of face and quote

I hope this fits in with what you envisioned Lisa.  Once I got started I was fine.  The quote says:

Jan works in House for Joan

Some great work in this journal! I was going to go with stamps I made from meat trays and foam but then thought that would be too much of the same and so the other idea I had been toying with was inspired by Sharon Tomlinson's Towers and Turrets.
This is how it started and you can see my stamps in the top RH side. Used some stencils to add some texture to the background.
Then I made my towers so that I could collage them on.
What I ended up with was some more mark making and collage. I added some script and felt that the main thing for me about a house is that it keeps you grounded! Was a fun spread to do and hope you like it Joan.